Teach The Word: 6 Basic Guidelines


I have had the privilege to teach the Word of God for more than 10 years.

I have learnt a lot from the good advice and correction given to me by my pastors and mentors, and through self-study, reading, and observation.

In this post, I am sharing theĀ 6 basic guidelines that I follow when it comes to reading, preparing, and teaching the Word of God.

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What is pride?

How do we define pride?

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Is Your Connect Group Healthy?

Is_your_connect_group_healthy_blog.horngsawAre you leading a connect group?

Are you a part of a connect group?

Is your connect group healthy?

The following 5 questions and comments can help indicate whether a connect group is healthy or not.

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Christianity Versus Other Religions


Is Christianity a religion?

Are there differences between Christianity and other religions?

I find the following quotes helpful in articulating the differences between Christianity and all other religions.

There is one pivotal difference between Christianity and all other religions. Religion is man’s attempt to either know God, or appease God for our sin – or the belief that we are a god. Christianity is very different to this. Christianity involves God reaching out to man, and dealing to the root of our sin (our disobedience to God) through His son, Jesus. Jesus died on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice for us, making a way for us to know God and walk in relationship with Him.

Source: one2one Life101 Foundations of Christianity, page 3.

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The Christian K.P.I

I am currently doing one-to-one discipleship with a few people in my church.

I had a “new” thought when I was preparing for the first session; I call this a “new” thought because I am not sure if anyone else has had the same thought.

I did a quick Google search then and Google did not return anything similar or related to the thought; so I have made and maintained the assumption that this thought is “new”.

This is my thought – innovate the abbreviation K.P.I for the purpose of discipleship and spiritual growth.

As we know, K.P.I representsĀ Key Performance Indicators; but what I have in mind is as follows.


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